Monday, September 17, 2012

Good websites to read(or watch)


 The TEOTWAWKI Blog publishes articles a few times a week and they are always good gear ideas, tips and much more.

Suburban Survivalist

The Suburban Survivalist did publishes good articles on survival and prepping. The sad thing is he no longer blogs for OPSEC* reasons. 

Modern Survival Online 

Rourke provides gear reviews and news updates on his site. One of my favorite parts of his site is “Survival Database Downloads” its full of great information.


He is one of my favorites. SouthernPrepper1 doesn’t just preach it, he lives it.

Survival Cache

Great site lots of gear reviews, tips and other things.

 The Apartment Prepper

Pretty good information on prepping in small homes and all around.

*OPSEC = operation security

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I'm new to blogging and by no means a writer, however, I would like to bring honest and reliable information to the prepping world.
So, "stay prepared!"
                  Prepper X
(If you have any topic requests or suggestions for post, feel free to put it in the comments)