Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to choose a good survival/preping knife

A good survival/prepping knife is probably one of the most important tools in your gear.  Here are a few things you should consider when choosing a survival/prepping knife.


Full tang is the best, at least ¾ tang; any less is not very good.

Stainless steel:
Last long time without rusting, will take a beating. But many people say stainless blades lose their edge faster than carbon.

Carbon steel:
Takes edge very easily, keeps edge very well. But rust faster.

Blade thickness:
3/16 -4/16 of an inch thickness is the best for this type of knives.

Blade design:
A straight blade knife will work better for chopping wood, a serrated edge is better for cutting rope. also straight blades are easier to sharpen.

Blade length:
4-7 inch blade works best.


Hollow is a bad idea, it means that the blade is only connected where the handle and blade meet and can break off easily. Also to have a lanyard hole in the handle is a plus.


Some good things to look for are a strap for your leg, strap for the knife, belt loop, and also make sure it’s durable. 
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